Dragon Corgi Pillow
Dragon Corgi Pillow
Dragon Corgi Pillow

Dragon Corgi Pillow

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Tibby's a Dragon, not a lizard. She doesn't do that tongue thing. Inspired by one of her most Pawpular photos, we present Chibi Tibby in a Dragon costume! The front features Dragon Tibby, and the back features a matching green pattern design and is handsewn closed.

This pillow was designed, made and sewn by Tibby's mom. 

Approximately 13 Inches by 12 Inches.

Care Instructions:

Put the pillow in a regular pillow case, and wash on a warm or cool setting with a phosphate-free detergent.


Front: 55% Linen, 45% Cotton

Back: 100% Cotton

*Please note that this is a handmade item and therefore the dimensions may be a bit different. Thank you for understanding!

*Please note that there may be slight color differences between the product picture and the real product due to the different resolutions and graphic settings on our screens.