Frequently Asked Questions



Name: Tibby A.( For Agnes!) Tibbles

Sex: Female (Seriously...she's  a girl!)

Birthdate: 4/20/2013

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Fluffy)

Height: Like One Foot (A Size 7 Women's Foot)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Tibby's hair so long?

A: Tibby is a Fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi, which means that she has a recessive trait that makes her hair longer (and much softer) than a regular corgis.

Q: Cool! Does that mean her parents are fluffies?

A: No, neither of Tibby's parents are fluffs. Reputable breeders do not breed fluffs because they are not a breeding standard and cannot be showed. Here's a picture of Tibby's parents. As you can see, neither are fluffies. Any breeder advertising/saying they breed fluffies is NOT a reputable breeder and should be avoided. Fluffies are like a genetic treasure and each reputable breeder may or may not have them on occasion.

Mama Tibs

Mama Tibs

Papa Tibs

Papa Tibs


Q: OOOH I Love Tibby! Who is her breeder?

I wrote a 3 part article about Responsible Breeding. Please Read Part 12, and 3Part 3 contains a list of reputable breeders to contact, and Tibby's breeder is on that list. Please do due diligence when considering purchasing a puppy, they are a life long commitment! 

Q: How is the shedding with a fluffy?

Its not bad, she only sheds twice a year (January to June, and July to December).JK. Its like living in a furry dust storm sometimes. If you cannot handle shedding, this is NOT the breed for you.

Q: How do you groom a fluffy?

Wrote an article, see it HURR!

Q: We are a company and we would like to work with Tibby. How do I get in contact with you?

Awesome! Send us an email at and we will yap! Rate card is available upon request. We are happy to collaborate with organizations of all sizes.

Q: I love Tibby! Can I meet her?

Yes you can! We try to host a few fan meet and greets in/around Toronto in the summer so that you can meet Tibby in person. We will announce these in advance on her social media platforms. 

Q: Okay, that's cool and all, but I am only in Toronto for a short time and I want to do an one-on-one meet up with her.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Out of safety concerns for Tibby and her parents (a few bad experiences unfortunately!) we cannot meet up with individuals we don't know. HOWEVER, we try to host a few fan meet and greets in/around Toronto in the summer so that you can meet Tibby in person, we will announce these in advance on her social media platforms. If you spot us in the streets please come say hi!

Q: Can you give a special shoutout to my parents/best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend because it is his/her birthday/other special days?

Unfortunately due to the volume of requests we get, we cannot do personal shoutouts on our platforms. However, we would be happy to add a special message or touch (maybe a little extra somethin') to any merchandise purchased in Tibby's shop. ( Just let us know in special requests or send an email to We would love to make their day special!