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Tibby's Doggo Reviews - The Furminator - And A Cheaper, Better Alternative!

Tibby's Doggo Reviews - The Furminator - And A Cheaper, Better Alternative!

Hi Everypawdy!

Shed season is fully upon us. Fur in your coffee, fur on all your pants. I thought this might be a great opportunity to review some deshedding tools that can help make shedding season just a little *bit* more bearable. 


Today I'll be giving you my honest review and opinion of the Furminator. The Furminator is a deshedding tool that is supposed to "

  • Reduces loose hair from shedding up to 90% on regularly groomed dogs

  • Stainless steel deShedding edge reaches deep beneath your dog's long topcoat to gently remove undercoat and loose hair

  • FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease"

The Design 


The design of the FURminator is just okay. It is very effective at pulling out the undercoat from your dog's belly. However, I find that the components aren't the best quality and mine tends to come apart at the handle once I start using it on Tibby (see picture). The "FURejector" doesn't quite get the hair off and most times I just need up pulling the hair from the tool. 


When I use the Furminator, I firstly run a regular metal comb through Tibby's hair to make sure it is smooth. I use long strokes with the Furminator to brush her hair, making sure to run it through the same spots no more than 3 times.


Now, I know the Furminator is a slightly controversial product. Some people have said that it can damage the skin, cuts guard hairs, and hurts your dog. When I feel the blade, I can see how it can really hurt a dog's skin, especially when if it is coming in contact with the skin and not undercoat. The blade itself is really sharp. 

However, in terms of effectiveness, I can think of no other product that does as good of a job at pulling out the undercoat. It only takes 1 or 2 strokes to pull out most of the undercoat. The dog rake that I recommend also does a very good job, however, it's definitely not as good at pulling out the undercoat like the Furminator. In the picture is one stroke with both the Furminator and the Oster Dog Rake. Not sure if it's that clear in the photo but the Furminator definitely pulls out more undercoat hair as compared to the Oster Dog Rake.


  • Very effective

  • Takes less time


  • You have to be very careful to use it properly, using it improperly can unnecessary pain to your dog

  • The quality of the material is quite cheap

  • Is pricey compared to other undercoat removal tools out there

  • The Furejector button is not very effective

My Rating

Cost: - 3/5 -Pricey compared to alternatives

Effectiveness: 4/5- Does a good job but requires you to be very careful

Design: 2/5 Quality of the material is quite cheap

Overall: 3/5 

My Recommendation

I recently started using this other undercoat removal tool called the "Oster Dog Rake and Shedding Brush" and I've been really loving it! Its almost as effective at removing undercoat as the Furminator. In addition, the way the ends are rounded are not going to scratch or irritate your dog's skin (see photo).


I find that Tibby is more tolerant of this brush than the Furminator. The construction of the tool is solid steel and feels much more substantial than the Furminator. It's also a bit cheaper than the Furminator. If you are still using the Furminator, or something else and have a dog with a heavy double coat, I highly, highly recommend trying this one out guys!

(PLZ note the Tibby drool in this photo...she doesn't do anything without getting treats LOL)

As with all undercoat removal brushes, don't overbrush in one area (I recommend less than 3 strokes in each area per session) and slowly introduce your dog the brush so they don't become fearful or scared of the product. As always, reward and praise your dog!

You can purchase the Furminator or Oster Dog Rake by clicking below!


What other products are you curious about and want me to review?

Let me know in the comments below!

XOXO - Tibby's Mum

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