Tibby Goes Raw

Sponsored Post - This post was sponsored by Big Country Raw, however all words and opinions expressed are all my own.

The lovely people at Big Country Raw reached out to us and asked us if we would be interested trying a raw diet for Tibby.

Big Country Raw is is located in the heart of the Niagara Region of Ontario, Canada. They only use locally sourced suppliers and all of their products are federally inspected human grade, hormone and antibiotic free. They prepare and package this food themselves in small batches to ensure the freshest raw available! The BCR store serves the GTA and delivers once a week to the GTA area.

We had heard good things going raw, such as less shedding, cleaner teeth, and less doggy odor, but we had a list of concerns about going raw.

  1. We were worried about how time consuming it could be (We didn't want to spend a ridiculous about of time preparing raw food)
  2. We are a bit blood squeamish, and we weren't sure if we could handle cleaning goops of blood off of Tibby's face (yes it's a real fear okay!)
  3.  Tibby has a very sensitive stomach and we were afraid a raw diet may upset her stomach (if she eats even a tiny bit of what she's not suppose to she gets the RUNS...)
  4. Tibby is a notoriously picky eater, she's been known to take treats from people and then spit them back out (which is pretty embarrassing for her mama, let me tell you).

However, Geraldine (the owner of BCR) was extremely sweet and helpful in putting together a diet that worked for Tibby, that was balanced and made sure she got the nutrients she needed. 

This is a picture of all the types of food we got! (Squee! I just love getting delivery, and yes, I know it's not for me). Tibby seemed to give her paw of approval, as she gave every container a generous licking.

We also got all these wonderful supplements that would be added to Tibby's meal. BCR has a large range of supplements that go great with your dog's raw diet. If you dog has a sensitive stomach, I highly recommend the supplements they sent us:

Omega Alpha's Probiotic is great for making sure the raw diet was easy on Tibby's stomach, the Pumpkin helped with keeping her regular, the Herring Oil made her hair even softer and shinier, and the Kelp provides over 60 vital vitamins and nutrients. 

Lil creeper in the background

 The meals are super convenient and easy to prepare. Simply thaw the container of preprepared food overnight (which was surprisingly not bloody; it reminds me of burger patties actually), and then scoop the amount the calculated amount of food that your dog should be eating into their bowl. If you choose to add supplements, sprinkle the recommended amount onto the top of their food. Set down the food, and watch it get devoured! Make sure you wash the bowls after they are done. That's it! Pretty simple. 

We started Tibby off on the Chicken Dinner and Turkey Dinner meals. At first, she was hesitant about this new food but quickly threw caution t the winds and devoured the meals. After a few days of doing very well on the Chicken/Turkey, we switched in some of the Beef dinner and she also highly approved of the beef. For a dog who regularly ignores food and skips meals, this was shocking but great turnaround. Now Tibby eagerly waits for her meals.

Lil creeper in the background

We've kept Tibby on the diet for about a month now, and we could not more highly recommend this diet. Overall here are some of the improvements we noticed with Tibby:

1. Her teeth were cleaner and had a lot less build up

2. She was OBSESSED with the food, and actually enjoyed her meals 

3. She didn't have that doggy odor and her breath was a lot better

4. Her poop was more consistent and she didn't have random events of the runs like with other kibbles

We also found that the price of feeding Tibby raw was very comparable to the amount we paid for her kibbles. We usually got her a brand of kibbles that costs 80 dollars and lasts her two months. For Tibby, her monthly cost to go raw was about 38 dollars. I was actually surprised that it was so affordable. You can calculate how much your food would cost by clicking HERE

Overall we highly recommend giving Big Country Raw a try! You can get a taster pack at one delivered to your home or visit one of over 150 pet stores that carry Big Country Raw by clicking HERE. I got my BCR delivered from their online store HERE, but you can also get it at pet store locations throughout the GTA like Pet Valu. For a detailed list of the stores that carry BCR, click HERE.

Big Country Raw has a wealth of resources and articles about how to transition to raw, and you can access on the website. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff can work with you to customize a raw feeding plan that is specific to your dog.

Let me know what you guys think and definitely give 'em a try <3!

-XO Tibby's Mom


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