Getting A Gorgeous Coat with The Missing Link

Sponsored Post - This post was sponsored by The Missing Link, however all words and opinions expressed are all my own. 

I was approached by the good people at The Missing Link to try out their Skin & Coat Dental Chew. I am always curious to try out new products for Tibby that promise to improve her health. As a fur-parent, my fur-child's health is very important to me, so I am more than happy to try things that will benefit Tibby, and prolong the time that I spend with her.

One of the most common questions that I get about Tibby is how I maintain and keep her hair so shiny and healthy. Beyond just regular maintenance, exercise and a healthy diet, adding supplements to your dog's diet can also get them the nutrition they are missing, while giving them added benefit of healthy skin and a shiny coat.

The Skin & Coat Dental Chew is more than just a supplement; it's also is a treat, and helps keep Tibby's breath smelling fresh with its abrasive action ridges that help control plaque. 

The Skin & Coat Dental Chew is packed full of superfoods which provides the vital nutrients that your dog's regular kibbles are missing. This is especially beneficial for dogs with allergies (like Tibby) who don't rotate through different kibbles regularly and need to get their missing nutrients from other sources. 

The real test however, is if Tibby likes the taste or not. Tibby is the ultimate taste tester because she's extremely picky about food.

The verdict is: They are DELICIOUS (check out all these weird faces Tibby is making when I'm trying to photograph her).

These treats are available on Amazon along with a Hips & Joint recipe, and another size for larger dogs.  

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of The Missing Link. The opinions, photos and text are all mine.

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