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 7 Ways To Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding (Tibby Approved)

7 Ways To Incorporate Your Dog Into Your Wedding (Tibby Approved)

Hiya guys!

Well, it's almost that time again. Wedding season is upon us. If you are getting married, CONGRATS! I figured that I should write a blogpost about how to incorporate your dog into your wedding as we've been going through the process ourselves. Us (Tibby's parents) are getting married later this year and barring any runaway bride/groom situation, this is how we are incorporating Tibby into our wedding. 

I hope this article will be helpful to those of you who are newly engaged, thinking of getting married, or not even close to getting married, but, who gives a FLUFF, let's see some pictures of Tibby and other dogs in flower collars and shot by an ACTUAL photographer (and not that hack job stuff her mom is always posting).

OKAY! Onto the tips!

1.In Your Wedding Invitations


Create a wedding invite that incorporates either a picture of your dog or (if i can recommend something) a cartoon version! We paid someone on Etsy to draw this for us, and we printed ourselves through Vistaprint. This way is not only cheaper, it's a lot cuter too. Our guests seem to really love it (Yes - I know Tibby doesn't have a tail) =_=''.

 2. Invite Your Dog To Your Engagement Shoot

Make a day of it with your dog and invite them to your engagement shoot.

Pro Tips: Do NOT bring your dog if its going to rain (see picture below - not pictured is the pounds of sand she brought into our car and house after). Also, bring something that will keep them focused. I brought dog treats to our engagement shoot so that she would be looking into the camera more.


We're actually redoing our engagement shoot because there was torrential downpour (lovely). I'll add new pictures once we get it back!


3. Choose A Dog Friendly Venue

 If you are a loud and proud dog parent, like us, it is unthinkable to leave your fur baby at home.  That's why we looked into a venue that was dog friendly (which, in Canada FYI, is very limited). Most places where there is an outdoors area for the ceremony are a good bet. If you are not having your fur baby at your reception, make sure you have someone responsible take them home or to a safe location. 

4. Put A Prop With Them On It In The Photobooth


This tip comes from Chad's mom (@chad_thecorgi on Instagram! Follow em!) who did this at their wedding (CONGRATS AGAIN you guys!). They made these ultra-cute photo props for their wedding. I died when I saw them. I will be doing this amazing idea for my wedding as well :) Thanks again to Chad's mama Tracey for letting me use these photos and idea <3<3


5. Give Them A Job At The Ceremony

 Get your pupper involved in the ceremony! Good ideas, are for them to be the flower dog, ring bearer, or best dog. They will preform these duties admirably. Make sure someone has some poo bags on hand in case they decide to do a number one or two while walking you down the aisle :P You can ask your florist to make your dog a special flower collar (maybe not as big as a wreath - Tibby loves being extra), or get them a little bowtie for a special touch. 


6. Incorporate Them Into Your Outfit


Consider using your dog to inspire some of your accessory choices. It doesn't have to be over the top. For us, we chose to get some adorable corgi cufflinks for CorgDad's suit. This is great for photos with or without your dog.

7. Make Sure Someone You Trust Is In Charge Of Them The Whole Night

It's important for someone to be in charge of their needs the whole night. This could be a good duty for one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, especially if they know your pup well. This way, you can feel comfortable spending time to take pictures, mingle with your guests without worrying about if your dog is being taken care of. If your dog is not invited to the reception, arrange for someone to take them home, or put them up at a pet hotel for a night and ask the staff from the hotel to pick them up. They need a little honeymoon too ;)

 So here's to a fun filled wedding for the happy couple as well as the happy furbabies. Let me know if you have some awesome tips to include your dog in the wedding in the comments below.

Until next time!

-XOXO Tibby's Mom




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