7 Things You Should Know About Grooming Fluffy Corgis


I have been asked many times about how to keep a Fluffy Corgi well groomed and clean like Tibby. I decided to write this rather comprehensive blog post as a resource for other owners of Fluffies, and applies to basically any long haired, double coated breed.

Fluffy Corgis are the result of a recessive coat mutation, which means that their coats are quite different from those of regular Corgis. Their coats are a different texture and that also means there is a different way of caring for their coats.

From my experience and speaking with my groomer, as well as other fluffy corgi owners, I have complied several must knows for keeping your Fluffy well groomed and happy.


1. Invest in a Furminator! (And accept no substitutes).

You need a Furminator in your arsenal. When you are drowning in the biannual shed (corgi owners joke, "our dogs sheds twice a year, from January - June, and June - December" ), you will need this magic tool on your side. I recommend slowly introducing your dog to this item, by rewarding your dog every time you brush, either with praise or treats, and then lengthening your grooming sessions. You will need to Furminate your Fluffy on a WEEKLY basis during shedding season, and every 3-4 weeks during non-shedding season.

We chose to use the Long Hair DeShedder for Medium sized dogs.


2. Use a Greyhound Comb for Weekly Grooming

A greyhound comb is a must have for weekly brushing during the non-shed season. During shed season, use it with conjunction with the Furminator to brush out the fine under hairs stuck in the fluff ball's fur.


3. Bathe Your FluffBall with a Quality Shampoo

It is important to wash your Fluff with a quality shampoo. No matter how great the shampoo is, you should wash your dog sparingly as shampooing will strip the natural oils out of their hair. That being said, when your dog decides to take a mud-bath on a rainy day, its probably time for a bath. We bathe Tibby once every 6 weeks to keep her hair nice and soft.


4. Make it RAIN with That CONDITIONER

To keep Tibby's coat nice and soft, we use 2-3 times the amount of conditioner then recommended. For Tibby, that means 2-3 handfuls, squeezed all over her boday-boday. Then we massage it in, and rinse her off.

5.Get A Great Vacuum

 You will need a GREAT Vacuum. Notice I said GREAT. Not good, GREAT. Because your Fluff will leave hair and dander ALL. OVER. YOUR. CARPET. And you won't even be able to see it. A Dyson Animal Vacuum will do the best job of getting the fur out, but any Dyson should do a great job. It's pricy, but its the price you pay for quality (and not having dog hair cling to your clothes every time you touch anything).

6. Get a Professional Groom at Least Twice A Year

Get a professional to give your FluffBall a proper cut and trim at least twice a year. We do this once during the Winter Shed (when spring approaches) and once in the middle of summer. We do not recommend shaving or trimming double-coat breeds, as the double coat actually helps lock in cool air in the summer (Sounds crazy right? Your dog is carrying around its own A/C unit!)

Instead, we recommend that you give them a trim in the summer (all over) with special focus on cutting down hair on the belly, and in poop dispensing areas (#1, and #2). Nobody likes dingleberries. Trimming the fluff between the paws also helps Fluffs with their grip.

7. And Finally...Always Reward Positively and With Treats

Always reward your Fluff when they put up with your grooming shenanigans. Remember Dogs are like little kids, nothing would make them happier then rolling in poo and smearing dirt on their faces. Reward their positive behaviour and they will be more tolerant towards grooming.

AND that's all folks! Comments, questions, and discussions, please post down below :)

-Tibby's Hoomin Mother - XO



  • michelle parker

    looking for fluffy breeders

  • Kerry

    My fluffy is 10months old and, as I did not quite realise the level of grooming he would need, he has developed matted fur balls behind both ears. I now making sure no others develop but wonder if you can suggest a good (non-traumatic) way of removing these.

  • Ashley

    We have a 10 month old fluffy corgi and I took him to the groomer for the first time today. He came back shaved :( I mean, she left a good 1 inch of hair on him…. but took all of the wirey hair off. It’s all fuzz :( Is it really going to be that bad? I’m so worried his hair might not grow back properly!

  • jordan

    if you want a fluffy, get in touch with a good breeder or 3 and let them know what you are looking for. They do not know if the litter will contain fluffies until after birth

  • Jeff

    I live in Alabama and drove to Texas to get my blue merle Corgi ruger. His colors are unreal and he is fuzzy as a baby duck . Being 8 weeks old he gets dirty real quick is it ok to wash him once a week with puppy shampoo and what’s the best kind ?

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