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6 Instaworthy Halloween Dog Costumes

6 Instaworthy Halloween Dog Costumes

Hey Everyone! One of the most common questions that I get asked is where I get adorable costumes for Tibby. Since Halloween is almost upon us, I thought I would put together a list of costumes we have used as well as some other costumes/ideas I think would be great this Halloween! I will also share what size Tibby wears in each costume. For your reference, she's 27 lbs but I usually size up because I don't want her fur to get too squished. For most non-fluffy corgis, sizing down from Tibby's size would be a great fit. Please tag me in these costumes if you decide to get any of them, I want to see your dogs lookin' adorable!

1. Doggy PJs!


These PJs are SOOO cute! I seriously want to get a matching onesie to match Tibby (is that lame? I feel like I'm pretty lame...whatever). Tibby wears a XXL (XXL would be a good fit for non-fluffies as well). I've also put some links to other adorable dog PJs that you might be interested in as well.

2. Pawlice Dog Costume


Pawfficer Wiggums is on the case...if the case that needs solving is who ate all the donuts (you know who did it).

  3. Dragon


This is a top contender for my Halloween costume this year. I want to dress up as  Daenerys, and have Tibby dress up as one of her dragons. Now if I could only round up two more corgis... (any volunteers?).

4. Classy Gentleman/Lady


If you would describe your pooch as "fancy" and "extra", you should consider getting him or her a tux or dress. It's also good because you can use it again whenever you decide to take your dog as a date to the fanciest event of the year (I suggest the Met Gala, or the Oscars). 


5. Pupkin Spice Latte


Nothing says basic and fall like a pumpkin spice latte. But what's even better than a PSL, a PUPkin Spiced Latte. Tibby has this costume and though its hard to photograph it is HILARIOUS in person. She's wearing an XL size.

6. Your Minion Dog


Ba-ba-banas! Tibby has a serious addiction to bananas, which makes me suspect that she's actually a minion. I mean, she's yellow, hyperactive and doesn't speak coherently. All the signs are there (now if I could only get her to do my bidding).


I hope that this list helps you in your search for your dog's perfect costume! Tag me on Instagram if your dog wears any of these. Remember, if it's not on Instagram, it probably didn't happen.


XOXO - Tibby's Mom

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