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4 Tibby Approved Toys - Durable and Affordable

4 Tibby Approved Toys - Durable and Affordable

Hiya Peeps!

I've been meaning to do a few posts about common questions that people often ask me about what Tibby eats, plays with, and other tips I get asked, A LOT. Hopefully this little mini-series of blog posts will be helpful to you and answer some of your questions.

Over the last 3 years, we've gone though a LOT of toys (I think she has more toys than I did growing up), whether its from a dog-box subscription service, from the pet store, or from Amazon (I'm lazy and I like to shop in my sweatpants okay). I know a lot of people do get stuff from subscription boxes, but in my experience, a lot of the items that are randomly selected don't work for Tibby. She has a sensitive stomach, and jaws of steel. There's been quite a few times that Tibby has chewed up pieces of toys in boxes and swallowed them, or has eaten treats from boxes that cause runny poops (and we all don't want that, do we?).  

The criteria for what I look for when buying Tibby toys is:

1.Durability (Will It Survive Tibby's Iron Jaws Of Death)

2.Does Tibby Love It (No Point In Accumulating Toys She Doesn't Like)

3. Is It Affordable And Good Value (I'm Not Paying $50 For A Toy Cuz...That's Ridiculous. NO.)

 Without further ado, here is a list of all the toys that Tibby loves that won't break the bank!

1. Benebone Chews


Tibby has Dragon breath. This is an undisputed fact. I feel embarrassed when my friends come over, and tell me "Tibby is the cutest - BUT THAT BREATH". Like most dog owners, I TRY (no, i really do) to brush her teeth, but I definitely don't brush them as much as I should. 

I find that Greenies aren't the best for her digestive system, and bully sticks stink and stain carpets. That's when I found Benebone chews. They're sort of like Nylabones, but they're gentler, 100% made in USA, and isn't rough on sensitive stomachs. The way they are shaped makes it challenging for dogs and keep them entertained. The ridges really do help scrape off plaque. 

Tibby LOVES Benebone Chews, and I love them too. 

 2. Any Chuck It Item, EVER. 


These things are indestructible, no joke. We've been using the same Chuck It Ultra Balls, at least twice a week for two years, and it looks brand new. Tibby is obsessed with this ball and prefers it over any other balls she has. The orange and blue colours help her see it in grass. You definitely need the launcher too. It flies so far and you won't throw out your shoulder throwing balls for your dog.

3. Puzzle Games!


Doggies also need brain-exercise too. These dog puzzles help keep their brains sharp and some of them can take a while for them to solve. For Tibby, she LOVES the ones that have treats hidden inside. It tires her out and she gets so excited whenever we whip out her puzzle toys.

4. Dog Lures


Tibby has an insane amount of energy. In the 3 years I've had her, we've never even gotten close to tiring her out. Sometimes, we'll go for a 10KM walk, and she gets home and fraps around the house. Like, seriously dude? A uphill 10KM hike doesn't tire you out?

If your pup is the type that loves to pounce on lasers, I highly recommend getting a dog lure for them. Tibby loves to play with these guys, and an added bonus is that they're not in her mouth long enough so that she can tear them up and eat them. #WINNING

Let me know if you have any other awesome toy suggestions by leaving a comment below :) If your dog also LOVES these toys, let me know too!

-XOXO Tibby's Hoomin Mother

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